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wellington sex and love addicts anonymous

coping in an emergency

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The content on this page is local, non-Conference-approved. The Wellington SLAA group does not speak for all of SLAA.

Step back (S) take a deep break (T) ask yourself if what you're about to do is really ok (A) and respond in a healthy way (R)
Make a gratitude list
Afirmation: if I am rooted in reality, there will be no fear
Focus on People, Purpose and Passion
Wise mind wins over rational and emotional mind
Afirmation: quarantine your brain – it has wronged me through chemical slavery
Create a challenge goal for yourself
Delay gratification
Drink water when you get cravings
Stop trying to push your boundaries around bottom lines
Do more exercise
Think 'balance'
Plan ahead for better use of my time
Interrupt the habit pattern with a phone call to a SLAA member
Get to a meeting
Trust in your higher power
Say the serenity prayer
Stop scanning and broadcasting
Do step work with your sponsor
Find a Skype meeting
Be creative and productive
Work to improve daily routine
Empower myself in any healthy way. For e.g. through music, singing, dancing and guitar
Do step four work
Create a Passionate Life Reminder
Read and review your bottom lines
Try to do step work with a sponsee or at least text or call
Read up on top line behaviours. Activities that I either must do, or be sure to avoid, in order to stay out of my addictive pattern.
Affirmation: Just for today. I will turn my will and my whole life strategy over to the care of my HP
Affirmation: Why torture yourself? I don't want to let others hurt me, so why hurt myself. Acting out hurts myself.
Recognise that not acting out makes my life better. Set non-negotiable boundaries for your own behaviours to achieve and maintain my serenity.
I'm not doing this for anyone else. Make it important. Look at the big picture - makes the little stuff I'm dealing with little.
Be accountable to others